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Connecting A TiVo Wireless N Adapter To A Router, That Does Not Support WPS


If the router that you are using does not support WPS, then TiVo Wireless N adapter can be configured by connecting it to the computer using the Setup wizard. Once the adapter is configured properly, plug it your TiVo box. One important thing i.e., before you start the Setup Wizard, ensure that you have wireless network name and password and then proceed towards setup wizard instructions.

Setup Wizard Instructions

Follow these steps to configure adapter using the Setup wizard –

  1. First of all, you have to set the switch of TiVo Wireless N adapter to “Client”, you will find this switch in the bottom.
  2. Now open your TiVo Wireless N adapter until it clicks into place. Please don’t open it beyond the “click”.
  3. Make sure the triangle that is located on a device is facing upwards. After this, you have to plug the cable splitter into the TiVo Wireless N adapter.
  4. Then you have to plug the adapter’s ethernet cable & also power adapter into the splitter.
  5. In the next step, you have to plug the power cord from the splitter into AC power outlet. After doing this, wait for some time until adapter’s power indicator LED turns into solid green. Now, you can connect an ethernet cable to your computer.
  6. Open any internet browser on your operating system and then type “” in the address bar. Hit Enter key.
  7. Now you will see Setup wizard screen where you have to follow some configuration steps.
  8. Check the signal strength indicator on the TiVo Wireless N adapter, it will turn solid green or blue. At this moment, you should understand that configuration is complete and your router is connected to an adapter.
  9. Afterward, you have to disconnect adapter’s ethernet cable and then plug the same ethernet cable into the back of TiVo box.
  10. While connecting to a router, the signal strength indicator on the adapter will blink first and then become solid green.
  11. The moment when the signal strength indicator becomes solid green or blue, you will see the confirmation message on the screen.

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Connecting A TiVo Wireless N Adapter To A Router, That Does Not Support WPS
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