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How Do I Assign An IP Address To A Specific Computer or Device?

Every device on a TCP/IP (Assign An IP Address) or simply we can say that every device that is using internet connectivity is assigned with a  unique IP address. They are allocated, either automatically by DHCP, or with manual configuration.

Every device using TCP/IP network is assigned with an IP address either by static way or by dynamic allocation.

By the word Static we can understand that it means stable or unchanging.so going by the definition of it, we can understand that the static IP address is provided by by your network administrator or ISP. You just have to configure the computer or other internet device using the IP address manually to retaliate to that specific address.

Dynamic allocation of IP address is done by entering the Dynamic IP address and “DHCP”(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

Using DHCP the device displays a special response for an IP address to the network. An upstream device, affiliated to your ISP(Internet Service Provider), responds with an IP address that the device then configures for its use. This allows the ISP to reprocess the IP addresses of devices that have obtained internet dis-connectivity.

Another useful trick that lets numerous devices divide a single IP address, that trick is called a Router.Routers are machines that allow a single IP address to be shared by multiple devices. A router has its own unique IP address which acts as a DHCP server to the local network handing out local IP addresses to the devices connected to it.

How Does It Work by Sharing a Single IP?

A router does the job of rendering the IP addresses from the local addresses it has assigned, to the external IP address it was assigned, and routing the right amount of data to the right computer as the traffic flows through the router.

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How Do I Assign An IP Address To A Specific Computer or Device?
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