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How to Connect Roku to WiFi With Username And Password?

Roku Connectivity Issue: A Solution By Router Technical Support

Connect Roku to WiFi is a portable media streaming device which lets you stream your favorite TV shows and movies over the wifi. The Roku device streams your favorite TV channels or online networks of the same on the GO. Many people prefer this over the pain-sticking cabled connection or Dish antenna setups. Roku device directly fits in your Television via port and after an easy setup process, you are good to go. In order to enjoy the services to its fullest, you must have a good internet connection with speeds high enough to stream the video services. Roku devices are pretty easy to use, but being machine makes it vulnerable to occasional glitches. One such glitch or issue we have received quite a lot of time is with connectivity. The said Roku device fails to connect to the internet due to some internal software conflict in the router or maybe the Roku device as well. We at Customer Support for Netgear receives many such queries on daily basis. In this article I will discuss some of the troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue, kindly go through them carefully.

Why Won’t My Roku Device Connect to The Internet?

Roku device’s connectivity issue can be a dual side issue, i.e the issue may be with the router device you are using or your Roku device is not updated. I will discuss a few troubleshooting techniques here, kindly go through them carefully:

  1. Check Your Router Settings: If your router is working fine and your Roku device is connected to it but still no internet connection then chances are there may be an issue with your router’s connectivity. Go to your router’s settings and make sure everything is running fine.
  2.  Restart your router and Roku: Power-cycle your whole setup i.e switch off your TV, router and Roku device for a few minutes and then switch it ON back. Now check the connectivity if it has been resolved or not.
  3. Update Drivers on your router: Drivers are software programs embedded into your router to control different aspects of it. These drivers are vulnerable to getting corrupt or outdated. So, in case you feel the router needs an update, head over to your router’s official website. Search your device via model number and once you find it, go to its subsequent download section. Download all available latest drivers for your router and install them one by one. Now try connecting the Roku device again.
  4. Update Software on Roku Device: Generally, when you buy a new Roku device it comes with the latest updated software, but chances are the parent company might have released a new update in recent times in the form of a firmware update. So head over to your Roku Account and make sure you have the latest software on the device. In case you find any software update, download it and then install it on your device.
  5. Reset your Router/Roku device: If any of the above-mentioned techniques did not help you resolve the problem, then try resetting your router device first and then your Roku device. Press the Reset button at the back of your router device for 20-30 seconds. This will wipe out any internal software settings conflict which might have occurred. Also, reset your Roku device once start the setup process from scratch.
  6. Contact your Service Provider: If the issue with your Roku is still not resolved, chances are you might have received a faulty device. Also, contact your ISP and see if they can do anything regarding the issue. As the issue in connectivity could arise if the ISP side has some maintenance work going on in your area. Also, double check whether the SSID and Password you are entering are correct.

These are some of the troubleshooting techniques to resolve the connectivity issue with your Roku device. In case you feel the need of professional help from industry experts, then contact our Router Technical Support. We provide software solutions and deals in resolving router-related problems with the help of our network engineers. You can reach us via our toll-free Router helpline for Netgear. You can also reach us via Netgear live chat.

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How to Connect Roku to WiFi With Username And Password?

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