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What Do I Need To Know Before Selecting A Different Wireless Channel?


Selection of the right wireless channel affects your network performance depending upon the frequency, speed and range it is providing. To choose the right wireless channel somethings should be kept in mind like the interference it is providing from other networking equipment specifically if your router is using 802.11n or 802.11ac wireless networking standard. We are providing you with a list of notations, in case you experience any of the following conditions you should  consider adjusting your wireless channel ;

  • You are experiencing interference with other networking equipment or appliances.
  • You want to increase the range of your wireless network.
  • There are a lot of wireless networks running around you.

If we are talking about wireless speeds and the right wireless channel, a lot of things comes underplay like the position of your router and how far it is from the connected devices, interferences from other appliances that emit radio signals, interferences from other wireless networks around your house and much more. Most routers have their channel set to Auto. many of us will be wondering what actually they are and which of the channels are swift than others. Some channels prove to be much faster than others, but they also come with some conditions which should be kept in mind before you go ahead and adapt them to tech support for Netgear.

Following Are The Things to Be Kept in Mind For Selecting a Better Wireless Channel

  • Locate the channels separately (spacing of channels) –  There are some devices that emit powerful signals like cell phones, microwaves, routers, access points, etc. These devices produce interference so it’s better to locate these devices separately and fortify that they use different channels. If you do not want to cover all three things, an additional option can be made available by combining access points and antennas and other equipment to create local “spotlights” of strong transmission.
  • If you are experiencing interference from overlapping wireless networks, each device should use one of the non-overlapping channels.
  • It’s better to use a different channel than your neighbor is using.
  • Reduce the network traffic – In addition to reduce noise, one should work on reducing the network traffic too.
  • Turn off the SSID broadcast and change the default SSID name. In case your neighbor might be trying to access your channel, it may cause a significant performance reduction.
  • Turning off security WEP and WPA can increase network performance but your network can be exposed to hackers.  

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What Do I Need To Know Before Selecting A Different Wireless Channel?
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