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With the development of N- Series Netgear router, it is extremely easy to manage the home network. You can place these devices at any place wherever you need reliable WiFi connectivity. As everyone wants to enjoy smooth streaming and online gaming, and that’s why N-Series router is designed to satisfy user’s needs. These Netgear devices have advanced features and best-in-class technology and this is the reason you can enjoy seamless browsing and HD gaming. Bring Netgear N series routers at your home and start enjoying WiFi connectivity throughout your home and all of your internet-enabled devices with its technical support.

Browsing Unmatched Speed with These N- Series Netgear

  1. N900-CENTRIA WiFi Storage Router :Netgear N900-CENTRIA WiFi storage router is a high-end performance device that you can easily set up on your PC, tablets, smartphones, iPad. Netgear Centria is an all-in-one device that safeguards your data as it has an automated backup system. his dual-band WiFi device can transmit speed of 450 Mbps and that’s why you can enjoy smooth HD streaming and gaming on various WiFi devices. Its WiFi coverage is suitable for larger homes.
  2. N750- WiFi Router :Netgear N750 offers wireless speed of up to 300+450 Mbps, hence you can stream more easily and download files in a faster way. N750- WiFi device is one of the best wireless routers that offers wireless speed of up to 300 +450 Mbps. The dual-band technology of N750 ensure top WiFi speed, hence you can stream movies. It supports the wide range of features such as Ready SHARE cloud, Ready SHARE printer and it’s Time Machine that is compatible with streaming HD video and multiplayer gaming. This wireless device has Gigabit Ethernet ports that offer ultra-fast wired connection.
  3. Wireless-AC1000 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router :The dual-band AC1000 is considered to be one of the finest low budget wifi devices available in the market. The router is considered great for home needs with speeds up to 700 Mbps and wide coverage range. The device promises to lower the interference from nearby gadgets and with dual-band technology the router delivers good internet speed. The setup of Netgear dual band AC100 router is fairly easy too, making it one of the best wireless router for your day-to-day home needs.
  4. AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router – Multi :Netgear- AC1200 Dual-band wifi router has won many accolades and awards in various categories. The device is considered to be the best wireless device in the similar price point category. The router is configured with dual-band technology, 802.11ac dual band gigabit. The Wifi device provides great internet speed, good range, and minimum interference. It is very easy to set up with the Netgear genie thus making it a favorite among people with limited budget.
  5. N600-WiFi Router :Get 8 times the faster-downloading speed with Netgear N600-WiFi router. It is extremely easy to setup this device on iPad, tablets, smartphones, and computers. This Netgear wireless device can work with ISP like Comcast Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Cablevision etc. This device also provides high-level of security with WPA/WPA2.
  6. N450-WiFi Router :The Netgear N450 – WiFi router deliver up to 340 Mbps modem speed and 2.4 GHz WiFi speed. This wireless device is ideally suitable for streaming HD videos, high-speed online gaming, and faster downloads. N450- WiFi device is compatible with Xfinity from Comcast, Spectrum, Cox etc. For maximum performance, use the N450-WiFi device with N900 adapter like Netgear WNDA4100.
  7. N300-Trek Travel Router and Range Extender : You can use N300-Trek Travel device as a router, extender, access point or as a bridge to keep you connected where you trek. It has the high-performance flip out antenna and USB port for printing, storage, and smartphone charging. Extend your WiFi network, where you go as you can use this WiFi device on road, planes or in a hotel etc.
  8. N300-WiFi Router : For faster downloading and internet gaming, Netgear N300-WiFi router is the right choice for you. Its 5dBi antennas provide improved WiFi coverage. On N300-WiFi device, there is a Push-N-Connect button that you can use to add devices on your network. This Netgear device has 4 MB flash and 32 MB RAM along with 5 ethernet ports (1 WAN, 4 LAN).
  9. G54/N150-Wireless Router :Netgear G54/n150 is one of the best wireless routers that provide good wireless connectivity throughout your home for your WiFi devices. This Netgear wireless router is faster than 802.11g and also compatible with 802.11 b/g/n. This router is easy to setup and especially ideal for web surfing, email, and social networking. If we talked about network security, this wireless device provides wireless security with WPA/WPA2.

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